The Greatest Victors as Poker Stars 50/50 Series Arrives at Midpoints

Precisely 50% of the occasions on the Poker Stars 50/50 Series plan have delegated their bosses, and more than $2.33 million has been paid out across those initial 25 competitions. With another 25 occasions yet to play, including the $500,000 ensured 50/50 Series Headliner, it is conceivable the all-out prize cash granted could outperform $5 million, which s extraordinary considering every competition just expenses $50 to enter.

The three greatest, as far as prize cash, occasions so far have all been the 8-Max PKO Smaller than expected Abundance Manufacturer HR. Poker Stars has slapped a few succulent ensures on these specific competitions, with the one running on the premiere night of the 50/50 Series accompanying $400,000 ensured!

In excess of 9,000 players turned marching through Main Street for the initial 8-Max PKO Small scale Abundance Developer, guaranteeing the $400,000 ensured prize pool was outperformed by $10,731. All the excess award cash in the pot brought about the main four finishers leaving with five-figure scores for their $50 venture; 6th spot was just barely shy of $10,000+, as well.

“Rakete222” of Germany completed fourth and left with $11,102, third-place went to Brazil’s “ricardorfn,” a completion worth $15,543. The second place was “Sm0k3_I_T799” of Germany; they banked $24,848. “Jakub_Odvar” was the competition’s boss. Triumph accompanied $34,810, which is as yet the biggest single money of the 50/50 Series through the initial 25 occasions.

The tenth occasion of the timetable saw 4,428 players purchase in and make a $201,252 prize pool. This time around, the best two finishers got beneficiary hands on five-figure totals. Next in line “Juster02” of Belarus got $11,751 while “prOvinzia1” brought in a $20,267 score and the title of 50/50 Series champion.

All the more as of late, Occasion #22 paid out $185,890, with the vast majority going to “Mrpecooo” of Brazil. The Brazilian dominated the competition of a 4,091-in number field to get a $17,763 payday, leaving second-place finisher “sessezinho,” likewise of Brazil, to head into the night with $11,278 motivations to be lively.

Poker Stars 50/50 Series Results Up to this point

It isn’t simply low-to-mid-stakes processors raising a ruckus around town/50 Series occasions in light of the fact that the fields are visited by a few heavenly names. For instance, Hungarian whiz Peter “Belabacsi” Traply brought down the initial occasion for $15,202, while Brazil’s Caio “Pessagno” Pessagno won The Long distance race for $7,685.

Remaining Poker Stars 50/50 Series Timetable

25 stay on the timetable, and everyone will be savagely challenged, particularly the two-day Headliner that accompanies a $500,000 ensured prize pool. The Headliner starts at 5:30 p.m. GMT this Sunday, which is February 12. Will you become the 50/50 Series Headliner champion?

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