Slot Overview: Gigantoonz

The trouble with making a masterpiece is figuring out what to do thereafter. Have you hit the pinnacle of your profession, and now it’s all downhill, or do you pick up your tools, return to the drawing board, and forge something even better? Play’n GO, maker of one of the finest grid slots of all time in the form of Reactoonz, has taken the more hopeful path and released multiple sequels. Cynics would argue that the studio is just trying to make money off of a well-known brand name instead than attempting something truly groundbreaking, and they might have a point. Whatever the case may be, Play’n GO has released a new online grid slot called Gigantoonz that features a dragon similar to the one in Reactoonz.

Gigantoonz combines features from both Reactoonz 2 and Dr. Toonz, the first two games in the series, with some notable tweaks. One change is the larger 8×8 grid that serves as the playing field. However, this may not always result in more wins because clusters of symbols need to have at least six identical icons in order to be considered a winner. Gigantoonz’s visual style is similar to that of the second installment, but the arrangement is now more organized and less chaotic. On the left is a cluster tracking meter, and on the right is the Quantumeter; together, they make up a fully charged Gigantoonz.

Gigantoonz has a highly volatile math model and the same gameplay style as Reactoonz, earning it a rating of 10 out of 10. The RTP is presently just 96.25 percent, and it can go considerably lower than that, depending on the setup. The adorable Toonz characters are the pay symbols, and you may play this game for as little as 20 cents up to £/€100 each paid drop to earn between 5x and 1,250x when you get a cluster of 30 or more matching symbols. When a player forms a winning cluster, those tiles are taken away to make room for new icons. This pattern of cascades will persist until a new winning cluster appears.

Slot Features: Gigantoonz

In comparison to Reactoonz 2, Gigantoonz offers fewer bonus features, including Mega Symbols, Quantum Wilds, and four modifications derived from a charged Quantumeter.

Powerful Symbols

Mega symbols can be any size from 2 by 2, up to and including 7 by 7. Each mega symbol acts as a single symbol when a victory is formed, however its cluster value is a random integer between 1 and 13. When a winning mega symbol is removed from the grid, a wild remains in its place. If a mega symbol is unable to descend down, its 1×1 counterparts fill the empty spots below it.

Quantum Free-Range

Up to ten Quantum Wilds will be added to the reels on any losing spin. Wilds can be used in place of any other icon.


A single charge is added to the Quantumeter for each winning symbol, with the cluster value of mega symbols taken into account. The meter may store up to 100 charges, each of which will activate one of four different modifications. First three are as follows:

Gather 25 charges and use disintegration on any set of four symbols to wipe them from existence.

Gather 50 energy to randomly change all occurrences of a symbol into another symbol. These gigantic symbols are included.

Collect 75 charges to unleash the radiation and add anything from one mega symbol to five Quantum Wilds.

When you have accumulated 100 charges, the Gargantoonz modification will activate in two stages:

In the first stage, any number of mega symbols will transform into three or more mega Gargantoonz. At the same time, two to four Gargantoonz of size 1×1 materialize. Defeating a Mega Gargantoonz does not get rid of them.

Second, the gigantic Gargantoonz symbols decompose into standard-sized 1×1 Gargantoonz, which may be swept away in the usual way.

Slots: The Gigantoonz Verdict

Given the community’s divided response to Dr. Toonz and Reactoonz 2, we entered Gigantoonz attempting to maintain a level of objectivity. The fact that Reactoonz 2 caused some uncertainty about its chances of success did not assist its argument. Oddly lower than the original, the game started at 3,000x before being bumped up to 5,083x to sweeten the bargain. While everything made more sense once put into practice, the regulations were almost as complex on paper as they were in person. Gigantoonz, on the other hand, is simpler. The maximum bet is mentioned upfront, and oddly, it’s smaller than in Reactoonz 2, although the gameplay is simpler and more akin to the original Reactoonz slot machine. Gain victories, max up your Quantumeter, and unlock cool bonus features. Do it again.

There are a number of subtleties within the core rules that set Gigantoonz apart from its predecessors. One of Gigantoonz’s main selling features from a marketing perspective is the introduction of giant symbols. They have gigantic dimensions, but the cluster values that are arbitrarily assigned to them top out at 13. A smaller block with a bigger number is preferable to an underrepresented huge block any day. The rest of the elements work as intended, with the inclusion of Gigantoonz symbols on the fourth level of the Quantumeter offering the most potential for excitement. There is a significant increase in efficacy between levels 2 and 3, and the Radiation modifier is already fairly potent by level 3. Gigantoonz is not going to be an easy ride in terms of meter growth. However, if you push things to the edge, you have an equal chance of winning as in similar games in the past. But at just 4000 times the wager, it’s the smallest of the bunch. Will Play’n GO re-raise the stakes? For the time being, we must wait and see.

Players’ opinions may change once they use the fourth feature trigger to release several Mega Gargantoonz, but Gigantoonz still can’t surpass the original. Gigantoonz is an appealing addition to the ‘toonz’ family of slot machines because to its plentiful flowing good gameplay.

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