Players, Big Time Gaming has emerged from hibernation in the middle of winter to release a fresh new slot machine.

A release from BTG is usually significant because it doesn’t happen very often. Those enterprising Aussie programmers are well-known for introducing novel concepts into the slot machine industry. They have created not only one of the most popular gaming engines in use today, but also a reputation for consistently surprising players with innovative additions. As a result, the announcement of a new release from the team causes waves throughout the community. Even though they are in a position that any programmer would envy, you can only imagine the pressure they are under with each new release. Surely not every machine can be a revolutionary title that completely breaks the mold. Let’s spin the reels of their most recent release, Royal Mint, and find out what gamblers may anticipate from it.

To begin with, this slot is powered by both Megaways and Big Time Gaming’s Triple ReactionTM mechanic, the latter of which was first seen in Opal Fruits. This slot machine has 6 reels and up to 7 symbols on the main area, for a possible total of 117,649 ways to win. Thanks to the Triple ReactionTM feature, there are two additional 1×4 reels located above and below the primary playing area. The Royal Mint, which strikes British coins, serves as the game’s inspiration. The view of the historic Johnson Smirke Building from 1811 is breathtaking. There are two cherry blossom trees on either side of the reels for a touch of warmth, and the main colors are a stone gray with gold accents. In case you didn’t catch the financial connection, the reels spin to music reminiscent of Monopoly.

Bets can range from 20 percent up to $10 USD or EUR, and players can spin the wheel from almost any device to get this cash machine going. Three or more identical symbols in any horizontal or vertical row constitute a winning combination. Down low are 9-A royals, and up top are four high payouts in the familiar BTG style: green, blue, red, and purple rectangular gems. The elusive purple is the greatest as only 2 are necessary for a win – six of a kind is worth 50 times the stake. As always, Megaways brings its Reaction feature to enhance the victory rate. To achieve this, it first eliminates any potential winning combinations before filling in the empty spaces with new symbols. No more winners will be announced until the chain reaction ends. The wild, depicted by a glittering rainbow, is there to aid, and it appears exclusively on the first and last reels of the bonus round, standing in for all other symbols except the scatter.

Royal Mint is hardly a calm pastime; the game’s extreme volatility guarantees as much. The return to player (RTP) of 96.48% is above average but not excessively so. The difficulty stems primarily from the game’s emphasis on accumulating scatters in order to activate the legendary improved free spins. If you follow those steps, you might be able to break into the bank. Until then, the basic come can be slow due to the lack of multipliers like the ones we obtained with Lil’ Devil. Although there is a chance for good wins in the main game, it is primarily a placeholder until the features become available.

Features of Royal Mint Megaways by BTG (Big Time Gaming)

The goal is to accumulate free spins and bonus spins. When you get the M. I. N. T. scatters (four minimum) on an active payline, you’ll win 12 free games. Extra free games of 4+ are awarded if any additional scatters appear on screen. This Reaction-triggered free-spins round features an infinite multiplier that begins at x1 and increases by 1. During the bonus round, the additional reels are the only places where Scatters can appear. If you see three scatters, you’ll get four extra spins; if you see more than three, you’ll get eight extra spins. So far, then, this is all very normal fare.

What you truly want to happen is the game’s showcase feature. This is the Heartstopper™ Enhanced Free Spins round which gives bigger payouts but which the game demands you work hard to crack. In the main game, you can receive 1 Gold Bar from the scatters whenever 3 of them appear in view (this is called a “scatter tease”). When you collect 40 Gold Bars, an additional scatter is stored next to the reels until the next free spin round is activated. They activate the Enhanced Free Spins feature this time around, rather than the standard free spins. The difference is that after each Reaction, the win multiplier will rise by a factor of 2+, starting at x2. The round ends, the collecting meter resets, and the grinding process begins once more.

Big Time Gambling’s Royal Mint Megaways (Card Games): Result

There’s no denying that Royal Mint Megaways is a fantastic game, but it’s also polarizing the player base due to its emphasis on grinding and collecting coins. In addition, it’s not that exciting because it’s just a Megaways slot with extra bonus rounds added on top. The end product is a simple game that doesn’t push any envelopes. Is there a tiny hole in the defenses there? Is this proof that Big Time Gaming isn’t as innovative as they used to be and that other developers have caught up, or is it just a coincidence?

Players may be discouraged by how challenging it is to access the bonus features. Due to the lack of action in the main game, the free spins in Royal Mint are the main draw, making this slot even riskier than Lil’ Devil. Insane investments of time and credits were needed to test Royal Mint’s capabilities. It took us about two hours and thirty minutes to collect 40 gold bars and unlock the game’s first bonus, which didn’t unlock in the usual fashion but rather after we had done so. What was even more terrible was the fact that it only ended up paying approximately 60x so prepare for a hammering if you decide to take this one on. Thankfully, this was not the pattern for incentives in later years, which decreased significantly more often. Players who previously complained about collection elements like those in Kingmaker will likely be even less enthusiastic about their inclusion here. However, the device does perform noticeably better while using Royal Mint, so this may not be as much of a deal breaker as it first appears.

With that said, when Royal Mint Megaways does get its stride with Enhanced Free Spins, the +2 multipliers increments is a wonderful touch. Slot machines and lady luck are both fickle, but the bonus round can pay out big. The maximum possible payout for this game is close to 40,000 times the initial investment, making it similar to a hit job on the Royal Mint.

Royal Mint is a competent game, without a doubt, but is it outstanding? How well it is received by the public remains to be seen. Not every release can be groundbreaking, and this isn’t BTG’s finest or most original effort. Maybe we’re being too harsh, but BTG really only has themselves to blame given their track record. Due to their reputation for excellence, every new release is subjected to intense examination, making it easy to experience a twinge of regret if the game isn’t a radical improvement. Despite the complaints, Royal Mint Megaways is a good slot machine that may satisfy customers with its features.

Our discussion with Big Time Gaming CEO Nik Robinson provides great background on the game’s creation and the reasoning for its release. Star Clusters Megaclusters uses Big Time Gaming’s novel Megaclusters engine, which may also appeal to fans of the Megaways gaming engine.

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