Ms. Tierra Jones is eager to see a positive change within our communities. Tierra was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, where she was educated through the Philadelphia school system. She currently holds a B.A Degree from Pennsylvania State University and M.S degree with a concentration in Nonprofit Development, Global leadership & Technology from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

“It is essential that the youth are provided with resources that promotes healthy living, the importance of education and cultural programs”

–Tierra Jones

In 2010, subsequent to graduating from Pennsylvania State University. Ms. Jones founded a community based organization-A Team Taking Responsive Actions with Conscious Thought (ATTRACT). The organization was comprised of recent college graduates, who shared a commonality to give back to the youth in the Philadelphia area. Ms. Jones saw a need to help others in ways she felt would be beneficial to their future.

The programs hosted by ATTRACT are geared to provide mentorship and advocacy for the youth. By creating programs that motivate and inspire the youth, Attract continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of many. The children learn to live outside of their comfort zones, go after their dreams and most importantly, they learn to take pride in making education a priority.

Utilizing her skills and knowledge gained from the Master’s program, Ms. Jones successfully implemented a community day in the North Philadelphia area. ATTRACT’s “Sky’s The Limit” community day, which consist of a school supply give-a-way and multiple free activities for the youth. The response from the community gave Tierra the motivation to make the community day an annual event.

In 2014, Ms. Jones was recognized by the National Panhellenic Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania for her commitment to the youth. This distinguished service award only shed light on the great work that Ms. Jones will continue to put forth with empowering the youth. Ms. Jones is involved in many community initiatives in the Philadelphia area and is always willing to help motivate children of all ethnicities.