Take the A.T.T.R.A.C.T. Pledge

It’s time to invest in our children’s future. By taking this pledge, you’re stating to act on the behalf of the youth in your community.

Be the change

Be the change and role model needed to motivate the youth

Lead By Example

Lead by example in every situation

Provide Fellowship

Always provide fellowship to the youth

Be Resourceful

Bring useful resources to promote positive change

Be A Mentor

Mentor to the best of your ability

Promote Education

Promote the importance of education


Adneka Robinson
Adneka Robinson

“ATTRACT’s scholarship eased up some of my financial burdens. With all the struggles in college, I had a little less to worry about. I’m beyond grateful for the help”

Destiny Saunders
Destiny Saunders

“Becoming a mentor this past summer has been one of the highlights of my summer. Seeing the girls’ exuberant faces each day when the mentors walked into the room made me want to keep coming back. Getting to bond and actually getting to know their strengths and weaknesses was a blessing. Seeing their positive attitudes kept me going on days that weren’t my best. Although the girls were supposed to learn from us, I was actually learning a few things from them”.

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